Tulips and blossoms bursting from their seams: Manhattan and Brooklyn in May

I’m just back from a fantastic trip to New York City where spring was bursting forth after a long winter. Here’s how it looked, from gardens, murals and flamingos in Brooklyn to the New York Public Library and Renzo Piano’s new Whitney Museum of American Art.



Here’s a mural in Brooklyn by the community group Groundswell. As its website says, Groundswell was founded in 1996 by a group of New York City artists, educators and activists who believed ‘that collaborative art-making combines the sanctity of personal expression with the strength of community activism’ – and produces unique and powerful artworks. Nineteen years later, they’ve created nearly 500 murals, including this one celebrating women’s work and education.


Nearby in Brooklyn is the fabulous Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club complete with wall-to-wall flamingos in the bathrooms.





From Brooklyn to Manhattan …


And in Manhattan, the New York Public Library, where I spent some hours. This is the beautiful Map Room.


And this is the original Winnie the Pooh et al.


And last but definitely not least, the brand new building housing the Whitney Museum of American Art. Designed by Renzo Piano, it’s in the Meat Packing District between the High Line and the Hudson River. How can a building both resemble an ocean liner and shipping container – and be light as air? It is truly breath-taking.







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