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Six Capitals, my obsession with accounting – and how I went from Leo Tolstoy to Keanu Reeves

Three years ago my obsession with Venice, art and mathematics and my fascination for a Renaissance monk, mathematician, magician and teacher to Leonardo da Vinci – Luca Pacioli – metamorphosed into a book about accounting (Double Entry), just because that … Continue reading

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In praise of publishers and editors: Richard Flanagan’s speech on winning the Man Booker Prize – and the wondrousness of my own publisher and editor

I was totally thrilled to hear that Richard Flanagan had won the Man Booker Prize last week, for him (obviously); for Australian literature; for the stage it gave Flanagan to despair vocally about the state of Australia in 2014 (‘Ashamed … Continue reading

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Pan: From Lieutenant Thomas Glahn’s Papers; or, You can’t unread a book: when you discover the author of one of your favourite love stories gave his Nobel Prize to Joseph Goebbels

‘I love three things,’ I say then. ‘I love a dream of love I once had, I love  you, and I love this patch of earth.’ ‘And which do you love best?’ ‘The dream.’ Lieutenant Thomas Glahn, the eccentric, solitude-loving … Continue reading

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