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Painting the city with light: Vivid Sydney 2012

Hot on the heels of the bookish buzzy Sydney Writers’ Festival 2012 at Walsh Bay comes Vivid Sydney 2012, which opened last Friday 25 May on a clear crisp autumn night around the corner in Circular Quay. I seem to … Continue reading

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Wuthering Heights v Jane Eyre 2: Rock Star or Librarian

So, now to the Rock Star of the Bronte novels, according to Guardian journalist Imogen Russell Williams: Wuthering Heights. I’ll talk more about Russell Williams’ contentious claim that Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre ‘divide humanity‘, as well as Virginia Woolf’s characteristically poetic response … Continue reading

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‘She doesn’t know, she can’t know, what his fingers are doing with her hair’: Hisham Matar opens the Sydney Writers’ Fest 2012

Last night novelist Hisham Matar opened the Sydney Writers’ Festival with a talk on ‘The Distance’. He was mesmerising. When Matar left the stage SWF director Chip Rolley attempted to thank him for his extraordinary words but he (Rolley) was … Continue reading

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The 6 capitals: the cutting edge of accounting

Yes, accounting does have a cutting edge. Yesterday I was part of a round table discussion on the future of accounting organised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. It was called ‘Sustainability & accounting’ and the proceedings will … Continue reading

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Jane Eyre v Wuthering Heights: Librarian or Rock Star?

I’m not so much into comparing the work of siblings, but ever since they were first published in the 1840s, Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre has been compared to her sister Emily’s Wuthering Heights. Critics did it at the time. Viriginia … Continue reading

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‘If I were an unpublished writer …’: The forest for the trees, Sydney Writers’ Fest 2012

As I was saying to one of my creative writing students from the University of New South Wales, if I were an unpublished writer – or even a published writer wanting to learn more about my industry – I’d be … Continue reading

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