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The human comedy, money and 18-hour writing days in post-Napoleonic Paris: Le Pere Goriot by Honore de Balzac (1799-1850)

Everything about Honore de Balzac is on a grand scale, from his encyclopaedic vision for the novel to his appetite for food and drink; from the enormity of his debts to his Herculean 18-hour writing sessions. He even aggrandised his … Continue reading

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Thank you Dan Brown: Leonardo da Vinci, magic, chess, the Battle of Anghiari and lost things

Yesterday while I was waiting in Brisbane’s flash new ABC studios for Conversations with Richard Fidler (a Renaissance man and maths nerd with the voice of Paul Robeson), a headline drifted across a television screen: Florence art sleuths find lost … Continue reading

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The divine proportion, Luca Pacioli and Piero della Francesca: How a 400-year-old book inspired the Cubists of Paris

I’m heading to Brisbane tomorrow to talk about double entry on ABC radio’s Conversations with Richard Fidler, so once again I’m turning my mind to the man who started it all, Luca Pacioli. One of the many fascinating asides that … Continue reading

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Do women write differently from men? Kirsten Tranter, Emily Maguire, Sophie Hamley, Lenny Bartulin and I talk women’s writing at Shearer’s Bookshop

Last night’s conversation on women’s writing at Shearer’s Bookshop was provocative and inspiring – and, like all good conversations, continued long after its official end at 8.30 pm. The evening was launched by Barbara Horgan, who’d cooked up the International … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day event: Do women write differently from men?

I’m very excited to be talking tonight at Shearer’s Bookshop in Leichhardt in a session chaired by writer and Stella Prize co-founder Kirsten Tranter, along with novelist and journalist Emily Maguire, literary agent Sophie Hamley and crime writer Lenny Bartulin. We’ll … Continue reading

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