Double Entry 2012: North American + UK publication and Australian paperback

New year's eve at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, 31 December 2011

Happy new year to you all! I’m back from my travels and blogging again.

I discover on my return that the conversation about women’s writing continues, with Jane Sullivan’s excellent piece – ‘A woman’s place’ – featured in the Age last Friday, Kerryn Goldsworthy’s brilliant post ‘Ten legendary bad girls of literature’ in response to Random House’s link to an article on 10 legendary literary bad boys, Elizabeth Lhuede’s ‘Australian Women’s Writers 2012 Challenge’ kicking off, James Tierney’s thoughtful blog post about women’s writing and Lhuede’s challenge, and no doubt more I’ve yet to stumble across in the blogosphere.

I plan to write more on the subject later this week, but first up for 2012 is some exciting news for Double Entry: it will be published in the UK in September by Allen & Unwin and in north America in October by WW Norton.

And in Australia a paperback edition is underway, due out around April I’m told.

Stay tuned for more on LOOK and women’s writing, the first classic of 2012 (Jane Austen’s Persuasion), and more mathematical esoterica from Luca Pacioli and Leonardo da Vinci.

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5 Responses to Double Entry 2012: North American + UK publication and Australian paperback

  1. That’s great news, Jane. Congratulations (and thanks for the plug for the Australian Women Writers 2012 challenge.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! And pleasure – looking forward to delving into your challenge more deeply this week and writing about it here. Congratulations to you too, sounds like it’s getting massive support. cheers, Jane

  3. Michael Gaffikin says:

    This is a great book Jane – I enjoyed the book and learned a lot from it. Congratuations on a very well researched and written work. I wrote you a letter (to the address on your letter) but I am not sure whether you recieved it – I hope so as I made some additional comments. I have recommended it to my PhD students and colleagues and will continue to do so,

    • Thank you so much, Michael. Needless to say, that means a massive amount to me. And yes, I did get your letter, was thrilled to hear from you, and so appreciate your comments. I’ve put it aside to reply to properly because I’d like to go into some detail and also read ‘Is accounting rhetorical?’ and more of your work before I do so. I was away most of December and January and came back to flood of work (currently doing a PhD), hence the extra delay. As I said in my letter, you are pretty much responsible for ‘Double Entry’ – because you made accounting sound interesting, almost romantic, and esp made me laugh – so if there’s anything good about it I owe it to you. Hope to respond to your letter asap! best, Jane

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