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Double Entry and the real da Vinci code: Luca Pacioli and Leonardo da Vinci in Milan

And now, back to my travels in Italy researching the life of Fra Luca Pacioli and Double Entry. Soon after his cryptic portrait was painted, Luca Pacioli left Venice for Milan and it was to Milan that I travelled next. In … Continue reading

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A Common Loss by Kirsten Tranter

Last night at a glamorous party at Shearer’s Bookshop in Sydney’s Leichhardt, writer Malcolm Knox launched Kirsten Tranter‘s new novel A Common Loss. It’s hot off the press – Shearer’s is the first bookshop to have copies – and so I … Continue reading

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Sex, food and babies out of wedlock: Tom Jones by Henry Fielding

Henry Fielding’s The History of Tom Jones, a foundling, published on 28 February 1749, is said to be one of the first novels in English. Cervantes was Fielding’s acknowledged literary master. In Tom Jones Fielding takes Cervantes’ comic prose epic, … Continue reading

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LOOKing for women’s ‘classics’

I was about to write up the next of my classics posts – on Tom Jones by Henry Fielding – when it struck me that it would be the 7th classic by a man I’d posted here. (Although the 8th … Continue reading

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Overland, the storms of history and launching Overland 205

I was in Melbourne last Friday night at the very cool Chez Regine – ‘Advanced Bar of Whisk(e)y and Cocktails’ – to launch the new summer issue of Overland magazine, number 205. And so for the last few days I’ve … Continue reading

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