Double Entry is launched

So last night the incomparable Geordie Williamson launched my new book Double Entry with as many double entendres as it’s possible to squeeze from the words ‘double entry’. Because (as my publisher Jane Palfreyman pointed out) he comes from another planet, Geordie was able to pluck words from thin air and turn them into effortlessly elegant trains of thought, not a note in sight. It was a thrilling performance.

The monk: Fra Luca Pacioli in Sansepolcro

The idea for Double Entry was born from the unlikely union of a summer I spent at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice and an accounting lecture. Through this odd coupling I learnt of a monk and his treatise for merchants published in Venice in 1494 – and this set me on the trail of double-entry bookkeeping, a trail that would prove long and endlessly fascinating and would take me from medieval Italy to Wall Street.

I’ll be talking about Double Entry – on Monks, Maths and Magic – at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne next Thursday 3 November 2011 at 12.45pm. And I’ll be talking to the wonderful Charlotte Wood about my book at Gleebooks on Thursday 10 November 2011 at 6 for 6.30pm.

His book: Summa de arithmetica, geometria, proportione et proportionalita

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3 Responses to Double Entry is launched

  1. Daniel Osmer says:

    Congratulations on your double launch! I am looking forward to getting a copy to read and review. Few seem to realize that money is an accounting concept as money literally has become ‘moving bookkeeping for the world’. The two categories of accounts in double entry are mirrored by the two kinds of money. Good luck and I am sure you will get many orders from our associative economics exchange! Best, Everyone is a bank! Daniel O.

  2. Thanks Daniel! Your copy was sent last week so you should receive it soon. Will look forward to your thoughts. best, Jane

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